Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enjoying The Journey!!!

How many times have you heard the expression "It's not the Destination, but the Journey!!!"?

Do you believe it?   Or do you still find yourself fretting over the Destination?

Again, Yoga mirrors Life ( or vice versa).  

If we get hung up on perfecting a pose ... getting the alignment, the breathing, the bandhas, all just right ... trying to look just like the model in the magazine or in a book or in a video we become frustrated with not arriving.   If we enjoy the way the pose feels today, how the breath flows,the increasing awareness of bandhas, enjoying the changes we feel today, and looking forward to new changes tomorrow, then we are enjoying the Journey!!!

Life too.   We set goals.   Everyone tells us that is good thing.   But if you find your self frustrated with not arriving at those goals, then you are missing out on the Journey again.   Enjoy the steps along the way.   The grandest goal is to have a GOOD life, and that is a great Destination.  But don't hurry to that one!!!   Enjoy every step along the way!!!!   It is a GREAT Journey ... may it be a LONG one!!!



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  1. This is a truth that is SO hard for me to remember--thanks for the reminder. :)