Sunday, February 2, 2014

Being An RYT

I recently received a new and improved logo from Yoga Alliance.  I thought I would explain to you what that logo represents.

The RYT means that I have studied with a Registered School, for at least 200 hundred hours.  The cost of that varies, but since I chose to go to an in-residence school at quite a distance, for a full month, the total cost of the courses, the transportation, and the accommodations was appx $10K.

The "E" in front of RYT indicates that I have taught at least 1,000 hours since I became an RYT.

The RYT  500 means that I have pursued another 300 hours of formal teaching from trainers who are designated  E-RYT 500.  Again, the "E" designates that they have taught 1,000 hours since becoming an RYT 500.  I chose less expensive routes (no in-residence), so that cost was about $8K.

In order to keep my designations, I must do Continuing Education each year and hold Teacher's Insurance. Coverage and pay dues. Those 3 things cost about $2K a year.

I also now qualify as an E-RYT 500, but I have not claimed that designation because with each addition to one's credentials the "Union Dues" get higher per year, and unless I want to open a Yoga Teacher Training School it does not really apply.

So the little logo is fairly expensive, but I am committed to supporting it, because I see too many folks teaching Yoga who had very little formal training, no live mentor, no anatomy, physiology, kinesiology,and psychology training ... and RYTs have all of those.  So when you are looking for a Yoga Teacher, look for an RYT.



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