Friday, December 2, 2011

Not a Quick Fix

Why doesn't everyone get the same benefits out of Yoga?  

I've come to believe it is because of their approach to Yoga, and in the main I see 3 groups.  

One group wants a quick fix for their aches and pains and physical and mental tensions.   Folks from this group are almost always making themselves dizzy on a merry-go-round of health practitioners, mixing methods and approaches willy-nilly, and often giving up in frustration on Yoga because it isn't happening fast enough.  

Another group sees Yoga as just a nice stretch.   They will probably get a lot out of Yoga physically, but they won't get relief from their mental stressors or improve their mental focus because they are always busy checking out their pedicure or gazing out a window or making a list and checking it twice, instead of keeping their mind and body and breath together in class.

The last group finds Yoga.    They find that connection ... Mind - Breath - Body ... and they run with it ... slowly.   The last group sees me as I want to be seen ... a Facilitator, not a Fixer.   My goal is to help them find their Yoga.




  1. Yep the list making, window gazer, that would be me. :)

  2. Yoga? Can't live without it....Yoga with Kate?....amazing!!! Keeps me connected