Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Many Pieces of Savasana – Part II - The Inner Smile

At the heart of Savasana is Anahata Chakra ... the Heart Chakra.  Anahata is the midpoint in our climb up through the chakras.   In Savasana we find rest and balance in Anahata, that space between the primal chakras and the more ethereal chakras.

When we come to Savasana, we can bring to mind a person, a place, or a thing that makes us really Smile.  Then we let that Smile actually come to our lips and light up our face.  That Smile helps to relax and warm both the face and the mind.

Then we bring that Smile to Anahata Chakra, home of the Inner Smile.  We can bask in the warmth of that Inner Smile and allow its healing energy to spread all through the body and mind.

In Savasana we allow that Smile to carry body and mind into relaxation and rest.


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