Friday, August 9, 2013

Distractions & Obstacles & and Bears!!! Oh my!!!

What are your Distractions & Obstacles & Bears?!?!?

What are those things, those Distractions, that pull you away from your intentions?  The things that grab your attention ... the bright, shiny things ... something new to try ... something interesting to follow.  And next thing you know there's that vague, anxious, worried feeling getting into your shoulders, and they're coming up around your ears.  It happens because somewhere inside you know that you've been pulled away from what it was you really wanted to do ... what you really wanted to be ... your best ... your highest.  You find yourself left standing in the middle of nowhere, with your hands full of shiny paper and trinkets ... Distractions.

And what about those Obstacles, the things you run up against every day?  Those things also get in the way of your intentions ... your best ... your highest.  The things that seem immovable and get bigger as you stand staring at them with your hands on your hips.  That solid stance ... that dropping into the hips, that's where those things stay.  Anger and frustration settling into the hips, because you know you're left standing there in the middle of nowhere ... staring ... while those Obstacles get bigger.

And what about the Bears?  Not the Bears in the woods.  Not the cuddly Bears, the cute fuzzy Teddy Bears.  The things you BEAR, the things you swallow, you put up with ... the little hurts ... the big ones ... the disappointments ... all the things that you don't express, and that the HEART doesn't want to see.  So you push them back in that heart space, in that Anahata Chakra,  There they sit ... stuck ... and there you sit ... stuck.  Stuck in pain and discomfort your intentions ... your best ... your highest, all seem very far away.

So find those Obstacles & Distractions & Bears!!!  Shine the light of awareness on them.  Watch them melt ... wither ... fade away, under that light.  Get back on your course to your intentions ... your best ... your highest!!!  Your path to happiness and true contentment.



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  1. Kate,
    Really liked the page on Distractions & Obstacles & Bears and boy do I seem to have a lot of 'bears'!
    Very enlightening. I printed that page and will read it often. Hope it helps to dispel those 'bears'. Thank you,