Monday, December 31, 2012

Ascending Through Visuddha - विशुद्ध

Once we've crossed the bridge of Anahata Chakra from the more physical chakras to the more spiritual ones, we must ascend through Visuddha.

Visuddha is very closely linked to the second Yama, Satya.   It is the place where we speak our Truth.   Speaking our Truth means presenting ourselves to the world, sharing ourselves with the world.

Visuddha is physically centred in the back of the throat, at the pharyngeal plexus, it encompasses the area of the neck, throat, mouth, and jaw.  Any physical tensions or ailments in these areas are fifth chakra issues.   But also, feelings of being unable to connect our mind to our heart, of being unable to give voice to our thoughts or our feelings.

Most important ... an open, healthy fifth chakra allows us to bring the things of the heart to the conscious awareness of the mind ... most important.

Exercise Visuddha!!!

1.  Sit quietly ... any way that is comfortable.

2.  Start with the Sanskrit long vowel “ā” आ (pronounced ah as in “water”). Open your mouth and make a sound.You are stimulating the first position in the mouth which is toward the back of the throat.

3.  Place your hands at Anahata to remind yourself to keep an open heart and better feel the vibration of the sound in your body. Or, on the inhale reach your arms up toward the sky and on the exhale bring them to your heart.

4.  Begin to repeat “ā” with your breath in whatever pitch or volume you choose (or happens). Complete as few or as many rounds as you want. This practice encourages lengthening the exhale (the letting go), so it should feel calming and quiet the mind.

5.  Sit quietly for as long as feels good for you.

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