Monday, March 26, 2012

Makes Me Smile!!!

Cathy has been practicing Yoga for one year today.   Six months ago she posted a response to my "What has Yoga done for you lately" question.   I've copied the post below, and today on her one year Yoga Anniversary, she brought her now unused brace and cane to my class to show me.   She keeps them just as a reminder to stay strong and healthy with Yoga. 

"Yoga has given me hope back. I started Yoga 6 months ago on the invitation of another person with knee problems. At the time I started I was back to wearing my knee brace again and using my cane to go upstairs. I don't like either of those things and I was starting to feel like this was what the future was going to look like. After all when the doctors took out my kneecaps at age 25 they said I'd be okay until I was 40 but after that they couldn't say. Well I'll be 60 next birthday so maybe I had reached that point of down hill from here. BUT thanks to the invite I started Yoga and today I walk up stairs with no cane and almost pain free. I started riding a bike again. I had not been on one of those since before the knee caps being taken out. I feel like I have a new lease on life. Yoga is a gift both for the physical help but also for the spiritual places it touchs in me. Oh yea the brace! It's collecting dust in the back of my closet. I keep it there so I can smile at it once in a while and remember."   Cathy D.




  1. Wow that is an awesome success story! You are inspiring Cathy

  2. Wonderful story Kate! You and yoga are a force to be reconned with!

  3. Just found this to-day. I totally agree!! Yoga and Kate are a force for positive physical change.