Thursday, February 16, 2012

Namaste' Maybe!!! Ahimsa ... Sometimes!!!

(a) Selective Namaste'   Now ... how would that work?!?!?   If you behave in a manner that I consider proper, or if your skin is the right colour, or if you have the right religious beliefs, or if you share my sexual preferences (and not many folks share mine ... I've been practicing Brahmacharya for over 20 years), and the list goes on.

(b) Now if you can say Namaste' and not add conditions, then you may now rest and spend eternity just polishing your halo.   The rest of us will have to keep working at it for a while.  Being careful not to smack ourselves too hard when we slip.   That would be not practicing Ahimsa ... non-harming.

(c)  So Ahimsa, but just when it works for us?  What can we eat without harming?  What can we wear without harming?   What kind of energy can we use without harming?   Can we stop pushing ourselves so hard and practice "allowing" instead of "trying"?   What kind of casual, off-hand conversation can we have without harming, without issues from (a) coming up?

(d) So Ahimsa under control or not?   Same as mastering  Namaste' or not in (b).   Note loop most of us will now be stuck in ... that's Life!!!!   For the lucky few of you, those halos sure look great!!!



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