Monday, January 23, 2012

Yoga Happens When You Can Say Namaste'

Yoga and Life are about Evolution.    Hopefully in Life you grow constantly, adding to the wonderful sum of You daily.

Yoga is loosely translated as Union.    That Union is an Evolution too.   First one achieves that happy state of mind, body, and breath working together, being united.   Then one becomes aware of being aware and another Evolution begins.  The "knowing" that we are part of something much bigger.   Then come the twin Evolutions, practicing Ahimsa and learning to really say Namaste'.

I heard something the other day from radio talk show host Charles Adler, that was so horrible that it made me cry. It was a story about a little 3 year old girl who needed a new kidney. A doctor refused to consider her as a candidate for a transplant because she was handicapped. But then he went on to tell another story that was so wonderful that it made me cry. A whole different attitude here in this story of Shaya's home run.   A group of young folks who seem to be well on their way to those twin Evolutions. Here is a link to a short mp3 story:

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  1. Such a beautiful story--thank you!