Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Calm Within

What's the best thing YOU can do toward World Peace?  How can YOU best calm Mother Nature's tantrums ... Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc.?

YOU can become calm within yourself.   All the world is a reflection of our collective inner peace, or lack of inner peace.   In the same way that a family member who is not at peace with themselves begins to affect the whole family he/she lives with, our individual lack of inner peace begins to affect the Global Family.   It spirals outward from lack of peace in the family, the community, the country, etc.

The more individuals in the World find inner peace, start to act out of Global Consciousness, and with Global Conscience, the more the World will come to be calm within.  

In the end, the World is NOTHING but YOU ... what YOU think ... what YOU do ... what YOU don't do.


  1. Thank you! I'll try to be more careful what I think--really.

  2. LOVE
    Even those who really annoy the most.

  3. You're the best!